Ford Family for Life

I was raised on Fords.  Instead of playing with Barbie Dolls, I played with matchbox cars – and they were always Fords.  My family has been loyal customers to Ford for over half a century.  I guess you could say we’re a Ford family.

My dad’s uncle worked at the local Ford factory, so he taught my dad at an early age how all Ford cars and trucks are made with pride.   That led my dad to make his first ford purchase when he turned 16: a 1953 Ford.  Through the years, my dad purchased many new and used cars and used pick-up trucks.  His personal Ford lineup has included 4 Mustangs, 2 F-150s, a Bronco, a ¾ ton, and even a 1965 Ford Custom 500.  Now, he drives a new Ford Taurus, and loves it just as much as his ’68 Mustang.

My mom has also grown up around cars.  In fact, that’s how my parents got to know each other – they spent time in various friends’ garages, talking about cars.  My mom inherited her first Ford car from my grandfather.  Even though the 1968 Ford station wagon she drove was a used car, she loved it.  My mom has also owned a few Mustangs, and had a couple Ford Thunderbirds as well.  She used to run carpool for us in her Ford Windstar, at a time before crossover vehicles had been invented.  She loves to reminisce about the 1968 Galaxie she had, and passed on her 1983 Ford Thunderbird to my grandmother, who then let me use it to pass my driver’s test.

No matter how many different dealerships we visit, we always come back to the Ford dealers to purchase our vehicles.  Whether we’re looking for cheap trucks to haul things for family members, or crossovers to fit an expanding family, we know that we can always turn to Ford to give us the vehicle that’s just right for our family.  We look for cars that are dependable, long-lasting, and fun…which is why we’re a Ford family for life.

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