Planet Ford 59 Technician earns Senior Master Technician certification from Ford Motor Company

Shaun Bergherr Showing Off His Certification

Shaun Bergherr of Planet Ford in Planet Ford has earned his Senior Master Technician certification from Ford Motor Company.

“This is a really big deal…and the number of Senior Master Certified Technicians is miniscule” said Service Manager Brad Stapp. Chuck Kramer Managing Partner of Planet Ford in Humble also stressed that this is an extraordinary achievement and milestone for any Ford Technician and for Planet Ford in Humble. “It takes lots of time and effort. It also takes a great deal of dealership support. We are proud to have the most Senior Master Technicians in the City of Houston, Texas.”

The Senior Master Certification process includes earning master certification on brakes, electrical systems, climate control systems, steering and suspension, gasoline engine performance and drivability, diesel engine drivability and repair, and manual and automatic transmissions.

Shaun Bergherr said achieving the certification is a difficult yet rewarding process that requires 14 years of work and hundreds of classes. This is also on top of the original certifications and updated certification classes in every key automotive area. Shaun added, “Being a Senior Master Certified Technician at Planet Ford in Humble is like being an all-star athlete on a championship professional sports team. I really feel like a Lebron James or a Troy Aikman”!

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