Planet Ford in Humble is Still Going Strong

Humble,TX- At Planet Ford in Humble we are always working hard to improve our community.  We work hard to help out Humble’s local businesses by buying or utilizing services. At Planet Ford we are also a advocate of donating items and services to local charities to help improve many of their causes.

In a time when money is tight, Planet Ford in Humble is still managing to help out the community and we do it to get great letters like this….

Thank you so much for the donated computers from Planet Ford!!  The folks at the Community Learning Center were so excited to get their delivery on Monday and have been going through the pallet of goodies to get everything set up.  They can’t wait to show this donation to the students in August!!

Thank you, Kristi for always thinking of the students in our community and looking for ways that Planet Ford can make a positive difference in their lives.  We are so grateful that YOU and Planet Ford are in OUR lives!

Jerri Monbaron
Assistant Director/
Community Development/ Humble ISD

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