Consumer Reports Car Must Haves Including Ford Feature

New Ford Escape and C-Max offer the hands-free tail gate opening system.

New Ford Escape and C-Max offer the hands-free tail gate opening system.

ConsumerReports recently published an article called 10 Car Features You Can’t Live Without. With cars being safer, more comfy and with increased connectivity, which cars and gadgets work it and are worth it?

According to Consumer Reports (CR), they decided since they test so many of the vehicles  on the market, (the CR team buys and evaluates about 80 cars every year. During that time, they live with the cars day-to-day–just like we all do–so like us, they note which features are worth their weight in gold) they decided to come up with a wish list of some features they would like to see in every vehicle.

They surveyed their staff and  collected all of the features that their team says they wouldn’t want to live without. Our cars offer all of these features, but we loved seeing that two of our Ford models were actually pointed out for their hands-free features.  Check it out!  Which ones would you never want to live without?

CR’s wish list included:

  1. Bluetooth. While CR had concerns for potential behind-the-wheel distractions, they concluded that Bluetooth connectivity is useful to have to take a quick call easily or integrate other phone features into the car, such as Internet radio or navigation.
  2. Blind-spot monitor. CR Reports the little lights in the side-view mirror act like an extra pair of eyes to warn the driver that there is a car in a blind spot. They noted that the it is not a substitute for you properly using your mirrors and looking through the windows.
  3. Backup camera. Backup cameras are increasingly becoming standard equipment, even though a government mandate has been stalled, per CR. These cameras are especially helpful if you drive a larger car like an SUV or models with swoopy styling, such as those with a lower roofline and small rear windows where visibility is greatly reduced. These cameras can be a true lifesaver by reducing back-over accidents, which kill about 50 children each year.
  4. Automatic headlights. If you’ve ever forgotten to shut off your lights, you’ll agree with the CR team, auto headlights are a must have. With automatic headlights, you never need to even think about it again. Once you set the light switch, they switch on and off automatically when needed based on light conditions. It may seem like a minor feature, but this is handy when traveling through tunnels, shaded roads, driving at dusk, and ensuring that daytime running lights aren’t mistakenly used in place of headlights.
  5. Adjustable front seats/lumbar support (aka memory seats). We agree wih the CR team on this one. With more time spent in vehicles, adjustable driver and passenger seats can certainly help you to stay more comfortable behind the wheel. Even better are memory seats that save your preferences, making it more convenient when sharing a vehicle or trading off driving duties.
  6. Heated seats. In cold temperatures, heated seats are a welcomed treat, and some would say a near-necessity with leather upholstery. A heated seat warms you up directly, so you don’t need to blast the car’s heating so high.
  7. Auto door unlock. Sick of searching for keys when your hands or full or maybe they are simply allusive and always in an excellent hiding place in your purse? Now, for many cars, when the key is in your pocket or purse, the door will unlock automatically when you pull the handle. This is a great convenience when you’re arms are loaded with parcels.
  8. Auto trunk release. Here is on of our favorite items in the CR story. Imagine, you’re carrying groceries… the truck auto opening with the push of a button is a wonderful thing. Much better than trying to open the dingy handle with your arms full. Even better (in our opinion), CR reports on the Ford C-Max and Escape, which offers a hands-free version that will open the liftgate when you pass your foot under the rear bumper.
  9. Trip computer with fuel mileage and range. CR is right, again. With today’s variable gas prices, it is helpful to know how much gas you’re using and how many miles you can go before your fill-up again. You can also monitor your mileage and adjust your driving accordingly.
  10. Real knobs and buttons. Seems lots of cars these days offer a new in-car infotainment system. CR says some are complicated and/or distracting. They prefer simple knows and controls. They also like steering wheel controls and feel they reduce distraction from these systems, as well.

Other items that didn’t make the top 10 but seem to be icing on the cake for any car that the CR team would drive includes: include auto-dimming high beams, USB port, heated steering wheel, remote start, self-dimming rear-view mirror and a full-sized spare tire.

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