2015 F-150 Survives Ford’s “Torture Tests”

PETEREYES_SKV6834Since being revealed earlier this year, the all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has continued to make headlines. Most recently, MSN Money reported on the 2015 F-150 to showcase how the new truck is truly Built Ford Tough. Before anyone is able to buy the 2015 F-150, Ford is committed to engaging in comprehensive field testing to ensure that the new vehicle provides the durability that you expect from a Ford truck. Here’s a few of the unique “torture tests” that the new F-150 recently submitted to.

  • Silver Creek: Ford’s famous Silver Creek durability course in Romeo, Michigan provides a track with two incredibly rugged surfaces. Complete with copious craters in the road and broken concrete, this test provides the F-150 with a rigorous test of strength and reliability.
  • Power Hop Hill features an 11% grade, rivaling the grade at which some ski jumps are created. This “washboard” type test track is designed to imitate the steep off-road trails of the Hualapai Mountains in Arizona.
  • Engine Thermal Shock: For this test, the F-150 is isolated and revved up to simulate full-tow up a steep hill. The isolated engine is then subjected to extreme changes in temperature, ranging from -20 degrees all the way up to 270 degrees.
  • Twist Ditch: This test is comprised of two parallel dirt mounds positioned so that diagonally positioned wheels are off the ground at the same time. This helps simulate stress that could arise in both the frame and body of the truck.

2.7L_EcoBoost_SKV6896Other tests include corrosion bath (see video above), rock & stop and drum drop (full list can be found in this MSN Money article). These unique tests provide reliable simulation and testing to determine the reliability of Ford vehicles. “We wanted to build the toughest, most capable F-150, while making it as much as 700 pounds lighter,” said Pete Reyes, Ford F-150 chief engineer. “We challenged the team to torture the truck harder than any F-150 before it.”

These simulations truly highlight Ford’s commitment to durability, reliability and toughness. As evidenced by the new 2015 F-150, their tests seem to be doing a great job. For a look at your own durable Ford truck, cruise on over to Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble (also serving Kingwood, Atascocita, Conroe, and greater Houston) just off of Highway 59. You can also browse our full inventory from anywhere at anytime by visiting us online!

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