Ford SYNC Technology

Most car owners will agree that the entertainment system is a very important factor in deciding on what car to buy. Many entertainment systems have wireless capability which allows us to integrate our phones with the car’s stereo, and this level of connectivity has changed how people choose their next vehicle. If you are looking for total integration between your car and your smartphone, look no further than Ford’s cutting-edge SYNC technology. Planet Ford in Humble, TX has a wide selection of Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC platforms. There are four versions of SYNC, each with different levels of functionality, but all of them are capable of providing a seamless, voice-activated way of controlling the technology in your new or used Ford.

The basic SYNC package is available in the 2015 model year for Ford Fiestas, Mustangs, F-150s, and F-250s. Using a clear, simple readout in the center stack, SYNC displays song titles and artists as well as Caller ID for incoming phone calls. SYNC’s advanced voice-control software features much-improved command recognition and gives the driver the ability to place hands-free phone calls and make music selections with one press of a button and the power of their voice. It can also read incoming text messages so that you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. For your entertainment, SYNC can stream audio via a wireless signal directly from your phone, and your entire music library can be accessed through voice commands.

The next SYNC package includes voice-activated navigation, which uses the basic SYNC system with the addition of a full-color navigation screen in the center stack. SYNC with MyFord features a 4.2-inch screen in the instrument cluster as well as a 4.2-inch screen in the center stack and is available in most Ford vehicles, excluding those listed in the last paragraph. The highest-level package, SYNC with MyFord Touch, features an 8-inch color-coded touchscreen in the center stack. This screen is a central location for all of your vehicle’s controls, providing easy access to your climate control system, entertainment, phone, and navigation. All of these can be controlled with voice commands with MyFord Touch.

Whether you’re downtown, in the Woodlands, or driving up to Crosby or Humble, finding your way around the Houston area has never been easier or more enjoyable. Bring your phone and your Ford car or truck together with the power of SYNC by coming to Planet Ford on Highway 59 in Humble, TX and checking out our inventory of new and used Ford vehicles equipped with SYNC technology.

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