Texas Loves Trucks that are Built Ford Tough

There are hundreds of different cars and trucks to choose from in the automotive marketplace these days. Customers looking for a new car have more varieties and trims to choose from than ever before. IHS Automotive recently released a list of the most popular vehicle in each state based on auto registration data. This expands on the usual metric of models sold and takes into account vehicles that are already on the road. It also excludes high-volume fleet purchases, so we are left with a clear picture of a state’s preferences as a whole.

At the end of the study, IHS found that the Ford F-Series was far and away the most popular vehicle in Texas. What’s even more impressive is that the F-Series was the 2015-ford-f150most popular in fifteen other states as well! With the next most popular vehicle only holding twelve states, the Ford F-Series is the most beloved car or truck in more states than any other make or model.

The 2015 model year has brought about exciting changes in the F-Series line of trucks, especially for the F-150. It is hard to drive anywhere in Houston without seeing an F-150 cruising around, and this will not be changing any time soon. The new Ford F-150 is full of improvements over previous model years that redefine toughness in a pickup. The rolled-steel frame and aluminum-alloy body are constructed from military-grade materials and are incredibly strong and durable. What’s truly amazing is that while the impact strength is significantly improved with the new materials, this year’s F-150 is actually 700 pounds lighter than the 2014 model. This translates into an astoundingly light pickup that offers best-in-class towing and payload capacity. With its next-generation lineup of engine options, including the new 2.7L V6 EcoBoost that offers 20% better fuel efficiency than previous models.

So, to all the Houston-area truck enthusiasts out there, if you’re still not convinced and you want to see for yourself just how amazing this truck is, come down to Randall Reed’s Planet Ford in Humble and test drive one for yourself. There are plenty of different trims and optional features to choose from, and the 2015 Ford F-150 starts at just $25,420 MSRP. Try out the most popular truck in Texas, and you’ll see what why more people are choosing Ford F-Series trucks.

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