Planet Ford Proud to Aid MOSAIC for New Vehicles

mosaic charitable organization 11.56.27 PMMOSAIC Program students like Cole Nelson are working hard to have a successful life, but getting to work used to be a challenge for him. Imagine going to a job interview on a school bus or in a van that breaks down? That was a reality for him and for dozens of other students in the MOSAIC program.

“We would ask is there a van available, is there a vehicle available?” said Robin Pullen, MOSAIC teacher.

These are students between the ages of 18 and 22 that work every day to learn life skills needed for the post-secondary world. They would use district school buses and old maintenance vans as their transportation from point A to point B.

“We appreciate the white vans more than anyone will ever know, but they are smelly, and they are old, they are nasty, the doors don’t close, and the dash falls off, and the air doesn’t work,” said Pullen.

Their need was obvious, but the students desire to succeed would surpass it. On September of 2013, the owner of Planet Ford saw the need and decided to act.

When you see the children, and you see their need, it is our responsibility and our duty to make sure that they fulfill their needs; at that point Randall said, let’s just give them an expedition,” said Chuck Kramer, Planet’s Ford General Manager.

A few months later, on December of 2013, the dealership presented them with a two year lease of a brand new specially designed ford expedition.

“I love our car, it really made Mosaic what it is,” said Christopher Richard, MOSAIC student. “It’s been so amazing to be able to take our students to job interviews in an expedition instead of a big yellow bus or a van that is going to break down,” said Pullen.

Planet Ford and the mosaic program team hosted fundraisers to help pay for the remainder of the lease for the car. However, in spite of all the efforts, the full amount could not be collected at the end of the lease.

“We were fully committed, so in November 2015, we paid the remaining amount and they own the vehicle now,” said Kramer.

Thanks to their donation, MOSAIC can keep fulfilling their mission of changing students’ lives.

“This program helped me change my life because it helped me be my own responsible adult,” said Destiny Johnson, MOSAIC student.

The new vehicle will ensure that students like Christopher can continue growing in their community, and follow their dreams. “My dream is to practice cooking and spend time with my family,” said Christopher.

Article by: Kiana Rios, Humble ISD Education Foundation Communications Specialist

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